Academic Year 2022-23


Michaelmas (13 weeks)

Monday 5th September 2022 – Friday 9th December 2022

Residential students arrive Sunday 4th September (10:00 -18:00)

Half-term: Friday 215t October 2022 (18:00) – Sunday 30th October 2022 (18:00)


Hilary (11 weeks)

Monday 9th January 2023 – Friday 31st March 2023

Residential students arrive Sunday 8th January (10:00 -18:00)

Half-term: Friday 10th February 2023 (18:00) to Sunday 19th February 2023 (18:00)


Trinity (10 weeks)

Monday 17th April 2023 – Friday 1st July 2023

Residential students arrive Sunday 16th April (10:00 -18:00)

“Reading Week/Half-Term”: Friday 26th May 2023 – Sunday 4th June 2023

(NB! Exam dates may coincide with
the reading week dates, hence students are discouraged to book any international travel for this period)

Oxford’s year is divided into three terms: Michaelmas (Autumn), Hilary (Spring) and Trinity (Summer), these run September to December, January to March and April to June, respectively.

Each year, the College updates their term dates which may shift slightly in the calendar year.

International students are advised to consult with the current year’s term dates and if in doubt speak with the College Administration should they require guidance on when the travel can be booked at the end of each term or academic year.

The College remains open during half-term breaks, as well as term breaks over Easter and Summer period, running short-term revision and pre-sessional courses for both external and full-time Cherwell students.

Tuition during school holidays

Here is a calendar of some of our popular short-term courses, which run over the schools’ conventional holiday period e.g. half-term breaks and term breaks such as Easter and Summer.


Our Ethos

Cherwell is one of the few remaining pre-university colleges in Oxford which continue to preserve the very best the British education system has to offer – the tutorial.

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Student stories

Everyone’s educational path is different. We meet with every student and discuss their aims, ambitions, struggles, and strengths in order to map out a route through education that is best.

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Life as a Cherwellian

Life of Cherwellians is always busy and full of quintessential Oxford experience. By attending Cherwell College, you will be part of a wide range of extra-curricular activities.

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Interested in attending?

If you are interested in applying to Cherwell College Oxford, you may do so by submitting an enquiry form through our website, specifying your full name, date of birth, contact email address, contact telephone number as well as provisional programme choice (e.g. A-Level, GCSE, etc.).

Our Admissions Secretary will contact you shortly after to advise further on the application process and entry requirements for your chosen programme of study.