Outside the classroom

Enrichment Programme

An inherent part of the student experience at Cherwell (be it a day or a boarding student) is the College’s enrichment programme.

Every extra-curricular event is intended to spark curiosity and engage the students in developing knowledge and interest in a broad range of subjects not necessarily related to their main disciplines, but which are vitally important to provide an all-round education and erudition to prepare for a fulfilling life in the ever-changing world they find themselves part of.



Cherwell College is proud to be one of the few boarding tutorial colleges in Oxford offering students its own campus of residential accommodation.

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Oxford Union

Our students have privileged access to the Oxford Union, the oldest student-led debating society. Young Cherwellians make use of the world-famous library and attend the Union’s prestigious debates and events.

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Calendar Of Events

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Extra-Curricular Activities

The enrichment programme is an essential part of life at the College. Each element of the enrichment programme is aiming to instil an outstanding personality in young learners.

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Location and Buildings

The teaching facilities are comprised of four study centres, a short walking distance from each other in the heart of Oxford. The boarding house is located in a green, residential part of Oxford, 15-min walk from the College’s administration & study centres.

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Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions that might be useful for you!

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Interested in attending?

If you are interested in applying to Cherwell College Oxford, you may do so by submitting an enquiry form through our website, specifying your full name, date of birth, contact email address, contact telephone number as well as provisional programme choice (e.g. A-Level, GCSE, etc.).

Our Admissions Secretary will contact you shortly after to advise further on the application process and entry requirements for your chosen programme of study.