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Admission Enquiries

We welcome applicants from both the UK and overseas who are attracted by and would benefit from a pre-university experience via a quintessentially Oxbridge-style tutorial method of teaching and a breadth of academic and extra-curricular opportunities, which Oxford has to offer.

In order to apply, please complete an online enquiry form on our website or send your request via email to our Admissions Secretary (secretary@cherwell-college.co.uk). Please also attach copies of any recent academic reports or exam results with translation in English (where applicable).

Your application will be reviewed, and further information may be requested where necessary.

After an assessment of your previous academic progress, the College will interview you in Oxford or set up an online Zoom/Microsoft Teams interview, which will be with the Principal and/or member(s) of our Academic team.


To enquire about admission to Cherwell College, prospective students are encouraged to submit the online enquiry form via our website which will automatically route to our Admissions Secretary. Students can apply for entry to Cherwell College from the age of 12.

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Visit our Prospectus page or download a PDF copy of the College Prospectus here

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International Admissions

Cherwell College welcomes students from all corners of the world, who add an invaluable diversity to the student cohort.  However, there may be a few additional hoops to jump if you are a non-UK passport holder, hence, timely applications are encouraged.

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Interested in attending?

If you are interested in applying to Cherwell College Oxford, you may do so by submitting an enquiry form through our website, specifying your full name, date of birth, contact email address, contact telephone number as well as provisional programme choice (e.g. A-Level, GCSE, etc.).

Our Admissions Secretary will contact you shortly after to advise further on the application process and entry requirements for your chosen programme of study.