Oxbridge Foundation has been launched for a number of reasons, first and foremost to fund scholarships and bursaries for those deserving students who otherwise would not be able to join the College due to financial constraints, and likewise to advance educational opportunities of students affected by war, civil unrest or natural disaster. Donations are also sought to create and support cultural projects and fundraising events throughout the year, such as Ukrainian Culture Weeks in Oxford, Cherwell College Artweeks and Cherwell Kids Choir.

Scholarships and bursaries

For over 50 years, Cherwell College Oxford has been preparing the young minds of today’s community for leading higher educational institutions in the UK, and most recently the US.

University education is one of the greatest assets a young person can have – it can aid social mobility, facilitate a wealth of career opportunities, and equip graduates with valuable skills that help our society thrive. However, throughout the UK and across the world, there are talented and ambitious young people who face significant barriers to these life-changing opportunities.

Scholarships and bursaries help to lift these barriers and welcome the best and brightest to grasp every opportunity and develop as the next generation of professionals, artists, thinkers, innovators and leaders.

The Foundation’s aim is to create a number of scholarships and bursaries for particularly able and deserving students for the two years of the A-Level course.

Cultural and fundraising projects

Every year, Cherwell College Art Gallery hosts a multidisciplinary exhibition which aims to explore art in different forms and the significant role it plays to address global issues and how we collectively, as a humanity, interpret the past, embrace the present and shape the future.

This year’s multidisciplinary project entitled “Rebirth of Hope” brought together recognised artists and talented young people to create and display art which aimed to explore the answers to important philosophical questions of our time.

Through the generosity of donors we hope to maintain the culture of annual artweeks and continue supporting our cultural fellows and new young talents.
You can read more about recent cultural projects by visiting the Events page of the Oxbridge Foundation website.

Capital projects

To maintain its reputation as the centre of knowledge and stay true to the bespoke Oxbridge tutorial method of teaching, the College has embarked on a comprehensive programme to develop and upgrade its study and boarding facilities – with the plan to create up to 28 additional residential places at our purpose-built student residential accommodation – Cherwell House.

Future plans include a development of the Cherwell “campus” facilities and leisure area to the rear of boarding accommodation.

Your contributions

Oxbridge Foundation is grateful for every donation it receives, no matter how large or how modest, because it is the accumulation of gifts of all sizes that will ultimately enable Oxbridge Foundation to meet its targets. However, to achieve the necessary funding, the Foundation will be dependent on the generosity of leading benefactors. Recognition of such donors is clearly important, and patrons may be interested in the “naming” opportunities which can be made available, and which would provide a lasting link with the College.

Becoming a donor

We welcome donors to be at the forefront of this positive change, to discuss how your gift can support these initiatives, please contact Stephen Clarke