Looking for a GCSE or Sixth Form place in Oxford?

Places remaining for January 2022, register before 10 December 2021

Whether you are intending to study or retake A-Levels or GCSEs, Cherwell College Oxford could be the perfect place for you. 

What makes Cherwell unique? 

Cherwell is a pre-university tutorial college, which has managed to maintain the very best the British education system has to offer – the tutorial. 

Located in the historical part of Oxford, the College offers bespoke educational provision for GCSE and A-Level students. 

The College recognises that everyone’s educational journey is different, hence academic programmes are delivered by a combination of one-to-one tutorials, tutorial pairs, small group seminars and regular progress tests to monitor students’ academic performance throughout the year. 

I’m looking to be a boarding student, what are the arrangements for boarders? 

Cherwell’s full-time and weekly boarders are accommodated at Cherwell House – a purpose-built student residential accommodation located within a short walking distance from the College’s study centre. The boarding facilities comprise of 50 single en-suite study bedrooms with a residential welfare team responsible for students’ pastoral care and well-being.

What about extra-curricular?

Extra-curricular programme is an important part of the College life and ranges from professorial talks & lectures, debate workshops, student-led clubs, cultural tours & visits as well as sporting activities.  

Every extra-curricular event is intended to spark curiosity and engage the students in developing knowledge and interest in a broad range of subjects not necessarily related to their main disciplines, but which are vitally important to provide an all-round education and erudition to prepare for a fulfilling life in the ever-changing world they find themselves part of.

When can I start?

Although, the main intake happens in September and January, it is possible to start at any point in the academic year, subject to availability of boarding and/or day places. 

I’m considering a January 2022 start – is it still feasible?

Yes! The College is considering applications for January 2022. Please ensure to complete registration prior to the current term end date i.e. 10 December 2021.