Exploring Politics and Economics in The Modern-Day World

Cherwell College Oxford is renowned for its commitment to providing a well-rounded student experience, which includes an exceptional enrichment programme. This programme offers a range of extra-curricular events designed to ignite curiosity and foster a deeper understanding of various subjects, even those outside students’ main disciplines. The goal is to equip students with the knowledge and erudition necessary for a fulfilling life in an ever-changing world.

Tutor Zuzana, one of the passionate educators at Cherwell, recently conducted an engaging seminar as part of the programme. Her dedication to the students’ intellectual growth shines through her words. The seminar series, which was launched for Year 12 students and will continue into the next year, delves into the realm of politics and economics, exploring fresh ideas to tackle the challenges of the present day.

The first seminar in the series focused on inflation and bond markets, providing students with valuable insights into these complex subjects. The second seminar centred around the work of Sir Isaiah Berlin on Karl Marx’s theoretical critiques. Two students, Jordi and Theo, actively participated in preparing for the seminar, showcasing their enthusiasm. Jordi, studying politics and philosophy, and Theo, specialising in economics, eagerly anticipated the chance to share their research findings with their peers. The seminar provided an excellent platform for students to enhance their communication skills and articulate complex ideas to classmates who may not be studying these subjects. The seminar’s relevance extended beyond exam preparation, fostering a spirit of intellectual exploration that is crucial in today’s world.

Zuzana seminar photo 1

Following the seminar, Zuzana expressed satisfaction with its outcome. Students actively contributed to the debates, expanding upon the initial ideas introduced during the session. The relevance of Karl Marx’s ideas as interpreted by Isaiah Berlin in the contemporary context cannot be underestimated. Notably, recent publications such as the Japanese book “Capital in the Anthropocene” were discussed, highlighting how Marx’s theories could be applied to environmental economics.

Zuzana seminar photo 2

Additionally, the seminar served as a catalyst for choosing the topic of the next session — politics in Singapore and its global economic engagement, which is a perfect example of the enrichment programme’s flexibility at Cherwell, as it caters to students’ individual interests and encourages them to explore diverse subjects.

One of the students, Jacob, shared his reflections on the seminar, expressing his appreciation for the vibrant culture at Cherwell College. He found the topic of the seminar, focusing on economics and international relations, particularly enlightening. Jacob acknowledged the seminar’s role in enhancing his understanding of the world, including the dynamics between China, the UK, and Singapore. It is evident that the seminar stimulated his intellectual curiosity.

Cherwell College’s extra-curricular programme, epitomised by seminars led by dedicated tutors, provides students with a holistic education that extends beyond the confines of their main disciplines. Through these engaging sessions, students develop critical thinking skills, broaden their horizons, and gain exposure to new ideas. The programme’s commitment to nurturing intellectual curiosity equips students with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-changing global landscape.