Professions of the Future

Dear students, when you leave education in a few years, you’ll be going to a job that you can’t even think of now.

Think of life and business just a few decades ago: Facebook, Google, Amazon, which are now the biggest companies in the world, did not even exist back then. And the time rolls even faster these days, prompting a change in the global business trends and life itself on an unprecedented scale (take the pandemic, for instance, which has transformed society into the “digital age” almost overnight!). 

The world is ever-changing and so is the labour market. Many professions are becoming obsolete or are being replaced by new, more advanced, progressive methods and digital technologies. 

While analysing the labour market and the global changes, one may try to predict the future and understand the prospects of a particular career choice. The most promising spheres in the coming years are looking to be: 

  1. Robotics. Robotics is now being used not only for spinal surgeries but for the brain as well. Moreover, the surgeons can do it remotely! This sphere is definitely on everyone’s minds now. Development of robots and the automation of all the systems will be in high demand. 
  2. Bioengineering – modifying the properties of living organisms using the principles of biology and medicine, is another sphere to take a huge leap in the next few years. The specialists in the sphere will solve acute medical problems and solve health care challenges.
  3. “Smart” IT-development. It covers the huge sphere from “smart environment” design to AI, from development of technologies like “smart houses” to making it possible for machines to learn from experience, adjust to new inputs and perform human-like tasks.
  4. Cybersecurity. Threats to information security, data theft, hacking, and cybercrimes make an IT cybersecurity specialist worth their weight in gold with every new day. 
  5. Neuromarketing, the science of customer decisions, will continue to evolve and dictate the direction of marketing in general. Today it is a compound of cognitive psychology, classical marketing, and neurophysiology, and it will definitely continue growing even bigger in the immediate future, learning the behaviour of customers. 
  6. Alternative energy becomes a sensitive issue with every new day. Many countries are giving preference to renewable energy sources like solar and wind energy, and still, many specialists will be needed to face the challenges, working in this field and making the world a better place where everyone is living a sustainable life. 

This covers only one side of the coin. We shall not forget the toll this fast-paced world may take on humans and their mental health. The tide of awareness is getting higher about it lately: mental health issues are on the rise amongst young people. Therefore, no matter how far humankind gets in advancing technologically, for as long as humans exist, there will be a need for a different spectrum of professions – those that heal our souls: therapists, counsellors, specialists in psychology and sociology, emotional intelligence.

Hence, what can be done to make young generations be resilient and equipped with all the necessary skills to face the world out there? Possibly, for some professions, we need to get businesses involved in schools and the education process at a much earlier stage, to let the young people know what they can do to be in demand and to reveal their potential in full. Businesses will change in their turn, and have a quicker take up, as they will get the students who are more savvy.