Results Day Under the Slogan ​​– “Don’t Panic”: Retake Courses

Here comes that important day of the year, when you can find out (at last!) how you performed at your GCSE or A-Level exams. It’s a moment to celebrate and be proud of how far you’ve come on your education path and to see where you need to improve to go even further in your academic journey.

Failing GCSEs or A-Levels does not mean that you need to go in circles of denial-anger-desperation and depression! There’s always a solution: A-Level or GCSE retakes!

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August Shiver

It’s August and you’ve got your GCSE or A-Level results. They are not exactly what you had expected. So, now you are wondering what to do next. One option is to resit to get better grades, but you may need expert advice before giving it a try [please give us a call now, if you need that piece of advice]. If you are sure about giving it another go, continue with this article. 🙂

Breathe-in breathe-out! We’re here to help!

If you failed to make it on the first attempt, you’ve already covered a part of your path. You just need a little more time, hard work and support from the professionals to guarantee you can still get where you aimed before. Moreover, we are sure that this ‘detour’ might even give you a lot more benefits, where you end up a more enlightened and determined version of yourself!

The classic long way of retaking GCSEs and A-Levels is taking a whole year to prepare for your retake(s). Cherwell College Oxford offers one-year intensive retake courses for A-Level and (I)GCSE students. For A-Level retake students, the one-year courses offer the additional benefit of enabling the College to oversee and support the university reapplication. Students applying to competitive courses might love the chance!

Do you want to get the most out of your retake course?

In some cases, you can start a new subject whilst preparing for your retakes. This can be in the form of an AS course or an EPQ. Quite often the College encourages this option, as it adds a new dimension to the studies and increases the level of knowledge and motivation of the student. And it will be a good way of improving the student’s academic profile. Being an independent sixth-form college, we offer bespoke education that enables you to aim and reach higher!

How does it work with A-Level retakes?

Usually, students would be looking for a retake course immediately after receiving their results in August. If it is decided to embark on a one-year retake course, then early registration is essential in order to ensure that a programme of study is prepared before the beginning of term in September.

Depending on the student’s academic direction, exam retakes, aptitude tests and UCAS application are then timed accordingly. Early action is recommended in this respect to ensure all deadlines are met accordingly.