The Benefits of Taking an EPQ

Imagine a course that allows you to study exactly what interests you, work at your own pace, and provide a qualification that is held in high regard by all universities across the UK. Sounds head-spinning? The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) offers exactly these qualities!

Worth exactly half an A-Level and marginally more than an AS, this is a research-based qualification that develops skills in individual study, essay writing, extended reading, and presentation. Referring to the skills that EPQ students gain, Oxford University states:

you will be a more convincing applicant if you can demonstrate the breadth of reading and independent research into your chosen subject; if you have pursued study beyond that required by your school syllabus.”*

Most students choose to produce a dissertation on a topic related to that which they’ll study at university in order to help with their UCAS application. Dissertations are discursive and analytical. Example research questions include:

  • What are the impacts of learning a foreign language on child development?
  • Would an elected House of Lords lead to a more democratic government?
  • Is the free press a force for good?
  • Should we be afraid of Artificial Intelligence?
  • To what extent is violence linked to computer games?

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* from Oxford University website