Unveiling the World of Politics and History at Cherwell College Oxford

Unveiling the World of Politics

Are you intrigued by the forces that shape our daily lives? Do you have a desire to comprehend the decision-making processes that govern our society? If so, then Cherwell College Oxford’s Politics and History programme, led by the esteemed Sean Murphy, senior History and Politics Tutor, is the ideal choice for you. With a passion for A-level History and Politics, Sean Murphy is delighted to introduce you to the captivating subjects and unique opportunities available at our college.

At Cherwell College, we understand the immense significance of politics as it provides students with a profound understanding of the key decision-making processes that impact our lives on a daily basis. With a focus on British Politics and American Politics, our programme allows for insightful comparisons between the two systems. From the roles of the Prime Minister, the Cabinet, Parliament, Devolution, Voting Systems, to Political Parties in British Politics, to exploring the Congress, the President, the Role of Federalism in the System, and crucial issues like Race and Affirmative Action in American Politics, our students gain a comprehensive understanding of the political landscape.

Expanding beyond national borders, Cherwell College also offers Global Politics as an intriguing alternative option. This subject delves into the significant issues and institutions that shape our world, from the European Union, the Arab League, the United Nations, and the World Bank. We analyze the rise of emerging countries such as Brazil, India, and South Africa, challenging the supremacy of traditional powerhouses like the United States and Russia. Additionally, we tackle pressing concerns like human rights, global warming, and terrorism, making Global Politics an intellectually stimulating field of study with broad implications.

Our Politics A-level programme goes beyond theoretical knowledge by engaging students with various ideologies, including liberalism, conservatism, and socialism. Moreover, students have the opportunity to explore a specific ideology of their choice, ranging from feminism, anarchism, nationalism, to multiculturalism. This comprehensive curriculum ensures students develop a well-rounded understanding of political ideologies and their impact on society.

In the realm of History, Cherwell College plays a pivotal role in equipping students with essential skills such as critical analysis and evaluation. Led by Sean Murphy, our History A-level programme covers an extensive range of topics, spanning from the Early Period, the Tudors and the Stuarts, the French Revolution, and the rise of Hitler. We also delve into the history of Russia, exploring the contributions of Lenin and Stalin that ultimately led to the emergence of the Soviet Union. This broad historical canvas allows students to gain a comprehensive understanding of key events and their significance in shaping the world we live in today.

As an integral part of our History A-level programme, coursework provides students with an opportunity to delve into fascinating historical themes and gain insight into how historians have interpreted and evaluated these aspects of history. With a word count of around three thousand words, this coursework offers an excellent chance for students to refine their research and analytical skills.

Beyond the classroom, Cherwell College fosters a vibrant and engaging learning environment. Our students actively participate in weekly discussion groups, where debates on topics ranging from politics and media to business and culture take place. This forum allows students to stay informed about current events and sharpen their critical thinking abilities. Moreover, Cherwell College has a unique connection with the renowned Oxford Union debating chamber, where our students have the privilege of being mentored by undergraduates from Oxford University, expanding their intellectual horizons and enhancing their debating skills.

At Cherwell College, we take pride in our personalised and attentive teaching approach. Classes are typically conducted in one-to-one settings or small groups, ensuring that students receive individual attention and never feel overwhelmed or left behind. The satisfaction and success of our students are of paramount importance, and we strive to create a supportive and nurturing environment where they can thrive.

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