Why Study A-Levels at an Independent Tutorial College?

Ever wondered what is hiding behind the letter “A” in the word “A-Levels”? The A stands here for “Advanced”-Level qualification. It does not mean that A-Level study is difficult or confusing. Still, it is fair to say that A-Levels need more work and effort than GCSEs. [If you are looking to find more info on GCSEs, please read here: What is All the Fuss About the GCSEs?]

What is A-Level, in a broader sense?

Often called a post-GCSE academic course, A-Level is a widespread pre-university programme in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, that is offered at most secondary schools and colleges. However, the way A-Levels are delivered very much varies depending on which school or college you attend. Cherwell College Oxford belongs to a group of prestigious independent colleges, offering bespoke education that enables students aiming and achieving higher academic results.

The most common number of A-Level subjects taken by a student is 3, and such subjects should be related to the field of study you are looking to pursue at a university (generally, after A-Levels students strive to apply for a higher education course i.e. an undergraduate study at UK or international universities).

A-Levels are internationally recognised qualifications, and the Universities around the globe accept 3 A-levels with grades A*-C as a general admission criteria for many courses. Prepare yourself to enter the chosen University, read our 5 Tips for Securing a Place at University

Ever wondered about the 10 most popular A-Level Subjects?

Here are top-ranked A-Levels for the academic year 2022:

  1. A-Level Maths (all-time favorite, often comes in at #1)
  2. A-Level Psychology
  3. A-Level Biology
  4. A-Level Chemistry
  5. A-Level History
  6. A-Level English Literature
  7. A-Level Sociology
  8. A-Level Physics
  9. A-Level Business Studies
  10. A-Level Economics

What you study at A-Levels may directly affect your options at the chosen university and your future career. That is the reason why the right set of subjects for every person studying at A-Levels is of utmost importance. To help a student understand which subjects are necessary and optimal for different degrees (particularly at Russell Group universities), the so-called “Informed Choices” guide was created.

Skip GCSEs and jump into A-Levels?

Well, it is not possible to do A-Levels without first completing GCSEs (or an equivalent qualification in your country). What is more, traditionally both programmes take 2 years to finish and GCSEs serve as a stepping stone towards A-Levels. However, in certain circumstances there’s an option for a fast-track GCSE which leads to quicker progression to A-Level programme. Please note that one-year fast-track courses are intended for academically able mature students that can ensure they can cope with the demands of the programme they have chosen.

So, why study A-Levels at an independent tutorial college?

Cherwell College is one of the best independent sixth form colleges in the city of Oxford if you are willing and ready to study A-Levels in a university-style setting.

Among the obvious benefits of sitting A-Levels at Cherwell:

  • Bespoke education for better academic results (lessons are delivered on a one-to-one basis (tutor-student), in tutorial pairs or small groups, which helps to see and develop the strength of each student)
  • University-styled way of study and living (students are mature and independent enough to embark on a degree programme after they complete A-Levels at Cherwell)
  • Attention to the interests and long-term goals of each student (full support in choosing the best path towards University and future career)

Learn even more about the Oxbridge-style method of teaching, that is offered at Cherwell College Oxford.