ATOM Festival

Stephen Clarke, the Principal of Cherwell College Oxford, had recently been appointed as Chair of Trustees for the ATOM Festival, and the student cohort had an immediate chance to attend one of the science talks last Thursday.

At the festival, we had a ‘cosmic’ talk with Dr Alex Cameron, Post Doctoral Research Assistant at the University of Oxford, Department of Physics, an observational astronomer who is studying the chemical composition of galaxies and the processes that have shaped galaxy evolution.

Cherwellians discovered together with Alex and the audience whether the data from the James Webb Space Telescope provided answers or became favourable ground for more questions.

The ATOM Festival is an annual Family Science Fair in Abingdon with talks from leading Physicists (e.g. Professor Frank Close, Helen Czerski, Hannah Fry, Jim Al Khalili among them) for everybody with an interest in science and technology.

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