Cherwell College Oxford, Art Series

At Cherwell, students are encouraged to explore their creative talents beyond the classroom. One such student, Joshua, has found his passion for art ignited through the college’s Art Club, led by Dorothy Megaw. During recent visits to the extra-curricular Art Club sessions, Joshua has delved into the works of iconic artist René Magritte, finding inspiration, and ultimately creating through his unique perspectives.

Cherwell College Oxford, Art Series. René Magritte: Drawing Inspiration

Joshua’s latest exploration began when he came across tutor Dorothy Megaw’s book in the Cherwell Art Studio, which contained the enigmatic works of René Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist known for his thought-provoking imagery. Inspired by Magritte’s painting “Not to be Reproduced,” Joshua embarked on a journey to capture his self-portrait. Joshua had previously been drawn to Magritte’s work, coming across another iconic piece, “The Son of Man”.

Expanding Horizons: From Realism to Abstraction

While Magritte served as a catalyst for Joshua’s artistic endeavours, he didn’t confine himself to mere imitation. After briefly speaking to Joshua, it was clear his imagination had expanded beyond what he saw in Magritte’s work, explaining his self-portrait was just one part of a bigger picture, ‘My self-portrait is part of a gallery amongst others in my mind, and in every gallery, there’s a different painting which represents a different feeling that I have inside of me,’ a multifaceted vision which had all listening captivated and excited to see where Joshua’s creativity led him.

Salvador Dali: Embracing Surrealism

Building upon his fascination with surrealism, Joshua also finds inspiration in the works of Salvador Dali. Known for his eccentric style and dreamlike imagery, Dali’s influence permeates Joshua’s art, infusing it with a sense of whimsy and wonder.

Dorothy Megaw & Joshua
Dorothy Megaw & Joshua at the Cherwell College Oxford Art Studio

Exploring Mediums: A Journey of Discovery

For Joshua, art is not just about the result but also the process of creation. While he previously dabbled in watercolours and sketches, his time at Cherwell introduced him to new mediums, a new favourite being acrylic paint. This newfound versatility allowed Joshua to experiment freely, pushing the boundaries and adding layers to his creativity.

Joshua’s artistic journey at Cherwell College Oxford serves as a testament to the transformative power of creativity. From delving into the surrealistic landscapes of Magritte to embracing the whimsical spirit of Dali, Joshua’s exploration continues to impress all of those who get the chance to view his work at Cherwell.

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