Cherwellians, Science and Art

Last weekend Cherwellians had a chance to attend one of the events within the vast programme of the IF Oxford Science + Ideas Festival and see how Science is presented through Art.
We discovered how art can assist in understanding the complex world we are living in. The North Wall presented a solo project of new BioArt works by internationally renowned artist Anna Dumitriu, who explores synthetic biology, genomics, carbon capture, and infectious disease in her exhibition.

Cherwellians and Art photo 1

There we met the researchers Dr Nicole Stoesser and Professor Daniel Wilson for the public talk. They work around infectious diseases, and they shared their experience on how they have navigated the pandemic and the unexpected impacts it has had on their research. The turbulent years of the Covid pandemic have affected everyone and everything in different ways. After the talk, we all were able to review the exhibition again but through different lens.

Cherwellians and Art photo 2

Cherwellians and Art photo 3

Cherwellians and Art photo 4