Exploring Academic Horizons and Historical Wonders: Cherwell College Students Visit Bath University

Cherwell College Students Visit Bath University

Last Saturday, an eager group of Cherwell College students had the opportunity to explore the prestigious Bath University during its annual open day. With an array of academic programmes and an idyllic campus, Bath University has long been a top choice for aspiring students. However, their visit didn’t end there. After exploring the campus, these curious minds delved into the historic city of Bath, immersing themselves in its rich heritage and captivating landmarks.

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Bath University Open Day:
The students’ day began with great anticipation as they arrived at the picturesque Bath University campus. They were greeted by enthusiastic faculty members and current students who provided invaluable insights into the university’s offerings. The open day allowed to gain a comprehensive understanding of the diverse academic programs, campus facilities, and the vibrant student community.

Campus Exploration:
Cherwellians explored state-of-the-art research facilities, cutting-edge laboratories, and advanced learning spaces. The students were particularly impressed by the university’s commitment to sustainability, evident through its eco-friendly architecture and energy-efficient initiatives.

They also had the chance to visit various academic departments, attending informative presentations and engaging in discussions with professors and current students, gaining an understanding of the university’s teaching methodologies and research opportunities. One of our students, Zuha, shares her thoughts on the visit:

Zuha: “It was an insightful talk. I was mesmerised by the variety of clubs and the job opportunities the students have during their studies. As a student interested in Psychology, such a range is very important for me ”.

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Excursion in the Historic City of Bath:
After the enriching campus visit, the students embarked on an excursion through the city of Bath. Steeped in history and known for its stunning Georgian architecture, Bath offers a wealth of cultural and historical attractions.

The Roman Baths, one of the city’s most famous attractions, provided a glimpse into ancient Roman civilization.

The group then strolled through the charming streets of Bath, admiring the elegant Georgian terraces and picturesque squares. They explored the renowned Pulteney Bridge, crossed the River Avon, and discovered Bath Abbey, together with a breathtaking Royal Crescent.

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The visit to Bath University’s open day proved to be a success. The combination of exploring the university campus and embarking on a historical excursion through the city of Bath enriched Cherwellians’ understanding of both education and culture. Armed with newfound knowledge and inspiration, the students left Bath University with a sense of excitement, eagerly anticipating the start of their higher education journey.