Success story: LILY

“I loved that I could work at a pace I’m most comfortable with”

I have participated in Cherwell College Oxford’s Easter and Winter Revision Programmes since my GCSEs, and decided to move to Cherwell full-time last year, for my final year of A-Level studies.

I took up Literature, Psychology, and Mathematics for my A-Levels. I enjoyed and benefitted immensely from the one-to-one tutorial set up. The tutorial system enables the student to work at a pace most suited to their individual learning patterns. I loved that I could work at a pace I’m most comfortable with – especially with Literature, which is a subject I feel most passionate about.

With Literature I felt I could really get my teeth in the subject– study not only the set texts but around the subject matter thereby allowing me to really engage with the content.

Cathy, my Literature tutor, has so much experience and she immediately understood my learning needs. She is very passionate about literature and is a teacher that I can not only learn from but share some of my interests.

It’s been an interesting year for me. All my tutors are very passionate about their individual disciplines, making my tutorial experience most engaging. At the same time, life at Cherwell House is a perfect mix of different cultures and ideas. I am surrounded by students who have such vastly different interests that it has prepared me, I feel, for life at University.