ATOM Festival. The First Data From JWST: Answers or Questions?

The First Data From JWST (The James Webb Space Telescope): Providing Answers or Raising Questions?
Speaker: Dr Alex Cameron

The James Webb Space Telescope, the successor to Hubble, has been long anticipated. The largest telescope ever launched into space so far, it is designed to give us a new view of galaxies in the early Universe.

Six months after its launch on Christmas day 2021, it produced the first set of stunning images released on the 12th of July. Since then, more data has been received, yet giving not too many answers to the questions about the first galaxies.

Dr. Alex Cameron, an astronomer in the Department of Physics at the University of Oxford, will tell about the challenges associated with working with a new telescope and ponder the question of when we might expect for some real answers.

We invite you for a great opportunity to develop Scientific Attitude or way of thinking, no matter if you are a biologist, chemist and physicist or mathematician. Moreover, this is beneficial for your UCAS application and personal statement.

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