Dorothy Megaw

Dorothy is an Oxford based artist, currently working on a series of drawings and paintings documenting the social changes to Oxford shop fronts.

On her website, Dorothy mentions: “I love paintings because they say something about you, about what you like, about what you don’t like, about the associations and feelings which you associate with the image, and just sometimes, occasionally, they say something about the colour of your wallpaper. But always it’s all about you”.

Dorothy Megaw Market People

Dorothy Megaw Stick Carriers

Dorothy Megaw art 3

Dorothy Megaw art 4

Dorothy Megaw art 5

Dorothy Megaw art 6

Dorothy Megaw art 2

Dorothy Megaw
  • Date: May 20, 2023
  • Venue: Cherwell College Art Gallery

20 May – 29 May
Cherwell College Art Gallery
51 Cornmarket, OX1 3HA