“Valentyn Sylvestrov. Bagatelles – XII”

Oleh Bezborodko

Sylvestrov’s close circle has long known his unceasing passion for dialogue with metaphysical universals, through the prism of signature opus-improvisations on the piano. These meditations are the ones to reveal what the music is for him and how it is imagined by the composer today. A significant part of such instantaneous piano sketches is interpreted by Sylvestrov. It creates a paradoxical genre of the author’s personal piano odyssey.

These ‘post-music’ pieces are focused on the ultimate intimacy of existence, which makes it quite complicated for pianists to perform expressively. In addition, Sylvestrov himself imposes recommendations in the texts, with the paradoxical demands challenging even experienced performer-interpreters.

A pianist, a composer and a teacher Oleh Bezborodko stands out among those, who undoubtedly succeeded to enter this amazing space. The versatility of his musical talent, intellectual sophistication and pianistic skills allow him to create a number of the most successful, according to the composer Sylvestrov himself, performer’s interpretations of these piano meditations.

The concert’s programme presents several piano cycles under the title Bagatelles – XII. It is the intimate, “chamber” universe of the composer Sylvestrov, revealed in the numerous dedications and reflections on the nature of genre gestures of the European musical tradition.


Bagatelles – XII
Moments (2003) op. 10
I. Morning Waltz (dedicated to N. Suku)
II. Pastoral (dedicated to J. Erminyu)
III. Intermezzo (dedicated to Y. Smirnov)
4 Bagatelles (2008) op. 81
7 Christmas Waltzes (2006) op. 70
3 Plays (2006) op. 80 (dedicated to V. Hodziatko)
I. Mozart’s moment…, II. Pastoral, III. Waltz
4 Plays (2006) op. 139
I. Prelude, II. Minuet, III. Serenade, IV. Postlude
3 Plays (2006-2007) op. 144 (dedicated to Regina D.)
I. Bagatelles, II. Christmas serenade, III. Postlude
3 Bagatelles (2007) op. 83 (dedicated to I.S. Tsarevich)
5 Serenades (2007) op. 104
4 Plays (2007) op. 97
I. Serenade, II. Waltz, III. Minuet, IV. Serenade
3 Waltzes (2002-2003) op. 11 (I. “Waltz of Moments” … dedicated to A. Volkonsky, II. “Fleeting ​​Waltz” … dedicated to V. Suslin, III. “Moon Waltz” … dedicated to V. Feltsman)


The musician to perform:

Oleh Bezborodko is a virtuoso pianist, composer and professor at the Conservatoire. He is considered to be one of the best performers of music by Valentyn Sylvestrov. Maestro Sylvestrov is very demanding about his deep and subtle music, but Oleh is the one who, in the author’s opinion, performs his music the best.

Oleh Bezborodko
  • Date: September 29, 2022
  • Start: 6:00 pm
  • Venue: Holywell Music Room

Oleh Bezborodko (piano)
“Valentyn Sylvestrov. Bagatelles – XII”