Rose Harris

Rose Harris is one of our Art students here at Cherwell. She enjoys discovering the power of paintings and sharing her ideas with the world under careful guidance of our tutors. Rose is an excellent painter, but her hobbies also include crocheting.

Rose on the topic of Art Weeks in Cherwell this year – A Rebirth of Hope:

I thought it was an interesting choice to pick ‘hope’ as a theme for this year’s exhibition, as there are many things you can do with hope. Topical to the past years events we have hope in ending the pandemic, hope for the people of Ukraine, hope against climate change, and the hope that soon reality will return back to normal.

I always enjoy exhibiting and talking about my work to other people, so I am very happy to be given the opportunity to exhibit my work along with my tutors and other students and to help organise the exhibition.

On participating in an exhibition/art contest before:

I won the ISA regional prize last year and went to the national exhibition near Coventry last year. I entered the young artist summer show (YYAS) ran by the RA, and Sketch for Survival, competitions this year, and am awaiting results. Sketch for survival is an import exhibition for me as a big David Attenborough documentary fan, I find that there is no excuse to not helping to conserve species and to do what we can to look after the earth, which we take so much from.

On her role in Art Weeks preparation:

I am helping my teacher to curate and organise the students work, as well as presenting my two of my own previous artworks, concerning the topic of hope for wildlife conservation. My portraits of my lion and leopard were created during my GCSE period. Inspired by Brian Holland they include some of my own patterns inspired by traditional African textile and architectural pattens.

On other works of her peers/art tutors which will be presented:

Yes, I have seen many pictures of Graham’s work, but I am looking forward to the opportunity to see it in person. I’ve seen Dorothy’s work at her stall at the outdoor market in the heart of Oxford.

I’ve always had a contrasting opinion to Graham’s when talking about his own work. There is one work that he is presenting that he says is a happy pig, however I can’t help but think that it is a very sad painting, an animal which has no choice, no regrets.

Rose Harris
  • Date: May 20, 2023
  • Venue: Cherwell College Art Gallery

20 May – 29 May
Cherwell College Art Gallery
51 Cornmarket, OX1 3HA