Faster Path Towards Your Goals: Booster Course

Results Day can have a significant impact on a student’s life. It is sometimes argued that public examinations are there to provide an indication of a student’s aptitude and academic abilities in a particular subject or discipline.

The GCSE exam results guide your subject choices at A-Level, and A-Level exam results can become a significant milestone in determining your future education path and career choices. Both are important but still on different scales.

Among the key questions, that might help you in finding out the reasons for unexpected grades (and eliminate those reasons):

  • What grades did you get during your studies at GCSE, or in lower sixth, and were those marks near the A-Level grades you actually got?
  • What were your mock exam results?
  • Were you performing to the full during your exam days?
  • What do you think went wrong and what do you need to improve?

From Results day to the university of your choice

What’s the gap between the grades you have got and the grades you need for your target university? It may sound like an easy question to answer, yet you really need to know what will help to bridge that gap.

To find this out, you need to analyse what has led to the unsatisfactory outcome in the first place and how to recover from this situation. A skilled adviser can help in this task and assist in mapping out a path to success. You will be met without judgment, yet you will be challenged to set realistic expectations of yourself and the amount of hard work and effort you are willing to commit to reach your target grades. This analysis will help you understand whether you are up for an easy task, a reasonable expectation or a mission impossible (!)

The 3 common reasons for exam failures are:

  1. Poor revision
  2. Weak understanding of the subject matter
  3. Stress and anxiety of assessments which hindered your performance on the exam day

And we are ready to help you overcome those through brilliant teaching techniques that help you to:

  • find interest in your subject
  • put effort and energy into improving particular weaknesses in the subject
  • revise without stress and pressure by following a balanced routine
  • set the right exam techniques and manage your time effectively under the examination conditions

Why do Boosters help to lessen exam anxiety?

Fast-paced revision and essential exam technique practice are powerful tools for a student to regain confidence after failing the exams and facing poor grades on the Results’ Day. With the help of experienced tutors at Cherwell College Oxford, you will benefit from a bespoke approach to your programme of study in a supportive learning environment. The Oxbridge-style tutorial method of teaching which consists of one-to-one tutorials, tutorial pairs and teaching in small groups will help you reach your goals faster, so next time you can face exams with more ease and confidence.

Interested to find out more about the 1 or 2-term Booster course at Cherwell College Oxford? Please email or call 01865 242670