Dear Friends

As the Principal of Cherwell College Oxford who served as the First Secretary at the British Embassy in Kyiv 2000-2003 and who has many friends and family from Ukraine, I experience first-hand the devastating effects the war in Ukraine has on Ukrainians and those closely related to them.

Likewise, as a British Citizen, living in the UK, I am aware of problems in the UK which are a by-product of the wider, far-reaching consequences this war in Europe brings to the world.

Hence, my message is clear and unambiguous: the war in Ukraine concerns everyone – or rather anyone not indifferent to the prosperity and peace in their own country and for their future generations.

Although, we all may have our own view as to what the world leaders should or should not do to resolve the crisis, in all these differing opinions there is one aspect which must be integral to us all: humanity.

As such, the college community is following the terrible news from Ukraine with distress and empathy for our Ukrainian friends and colleagues at Cherwell College.

Being a small tutorial College, with a student body of 50 (a close-knit community), both staff and students have been actively involved in fundraising as well as awareness-raising in and around Oxford.

Cherwell College Oxford has now partnered with the international charitable foundation – “Stand With Ukraine” and smaller local volunteering organisations in Kharkiv, Eastern Ukraine (one of the worst affected regions).

One of our friends in Kharkiv is Svetlana Filatova of Telesens Ukraine who works tirelessly for the volunteering organisation called “Peace to Kharkiv” which provides basic aid (such as food and medicines) to the most vulnerable residents of Kharkiv: children, elderly, sick and disabled.

We receive numerous appeals from people on the ground in Ukraine requesting financial and humanitarian aid.

Any further money raised will go to the ongoing costs of sending any financial and humanitarian aid as this aid is going to be needed for many months ahead.

Yours faithfully
Stephen Clarke
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Premier football star supports Oxbridge Foundation


PREMIER FOOTBALL STAR SUPPORTS OXBRIDGE FOUNDATION: Andriy Shevchenko has become an ambassador of the Oxbridge Foundation which will fund scholarships for Ukrainian students affected by the war.
Premier League star and Ballon d’Or winner Andriy Shevchenko commented: “I’m committed to helping maintain awareness of the war in Ukraine and helping ensure a variety of help and support is sourced constantly. The Oxbridge Foundation is an important charity that can make a big difference and I encourage people to get involved.”

The Oxbridge Foundation was established by Stephen and Helen Clarke. Mr Clarke is a former Diplomat and First Secretary for the British Government in Ukraine and is now Principal of Cherwell College Oxford. His wife Helen was born in Ukraine and is Vice Principal of Cherwell College.

Read more about the press launch on our news page.

The Oxbridge Foundation


The Oxbridge Foundation, launched by Cherwell College Oxford, has made significant strides in nurturing global talent and entrepreneurial brilliance. They achieved a milestone by sending six Ukrainian students for a transformative two-week course in Oxford focusing on AI, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. The Foundation also supported two outstanding students, including an alumnus, to attend the prestigious Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp in California. This showcases the Foundation's commitment to empowering young minds and fostering international collaboration. The programme provided an immersive experience, blending theoretical knowledge with practical application, mentored by experts. These achievements reflect a promising start in empowering young innovators on a global scale. Find out more on our campus news page.

Kids Choir concert


The Cherwell Choir in Oxford is making a positive impact by helping Ukrainian refugees cope with their struggles. During Refugee Awareness Week, the Choir's efforts received attention from media outlets like BBC News and The Independent. Cherwell College's Vice-Principal, Helen Clarke, who is of Ukrainian descent, expressed the College's commitment to aiding displaced children during the invasion. The Principal, Mr Clarke, emphasised the importance of raising awareness about the refugees' plight. The Choir recently performed at St Michael's Church under the Oxfordshire Artweeks, with plans for more concerts. The College also supported dislocated Ukrainians through Ukrainian Culture Weeks, showcasing art and music. Read more in our full article.

Naumenko installation - Cherwell Gallery


The Cherwell Art Gallery hosted a special exhibition showcasing collaboration between students, tutors, partners, and parents. The exhibition portrayed the dualities of life: anger and despair due to unjust wars, countered by expressions of love and hope through Graham Cole's art. A prominent piece, "Contra spem spero" by Ukrainian artist Olena Naumenko, featured shredded paper symbolising the meaninglessness of paper-based international agreements. It depicted a cloud turning into blood, signifying the fear of nuclear warfare and the global challenges humanity faces. However, amidst despair, there's hope symbolised by young shoots growing from a pot of "blood." This exhibition also fostered cultural exchange and creativity between British and Ukrainian artists.
Read more on this year’s special Artweeks at Cherwell on our campus news page.

cherwell college art gallery


Throughout October, Cherwell College Art Gallery has been proudly hosting a photo exhibition “War” by Oleksandr Glyadyelov – a Ukrainian documentary photographer who through his lens brings us at the epicentre of the devastation caused by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

Simultaneously, the Gallery hosted a charity exhibition of Georgian-Ukrainian artist – David Sharashydze, who had been living and working in Kyiv since 1993. The exhibited works included both oil paintings and mixed media art and it was truly magical to see these works reach Oxford safely.

Ukrainian High Culture in Oxford


Cherwell College Oxford was delighted to co-organise a major festival celebrating Ukrainian high culture in Oxford this autumn. Ukrainian Culture Weeks Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival brought a series of unforgettable evenings of classical music, art and talks. The Grand Concert at the most celebrated venue in Oxford - the Sheldonian Theatre could not have been possible without the tremendous support of our student volunteers!

Read more in our special issue newsletter:

julie and katya oxford


Very many thanks to our dear friend and entrepreneur - Azad who organised a fundraiser in support of Ukraine at one of his restaurants - The Taj Indian, Evesham

The evening of Friday (8th July) featured Indian cuisine, disco music from the 80s and traditional Ukrainian attire, and was attended by Evesham’s local community as well as our Ukrainian colleagues from Cherwell College Oxford!

50% of the evening’s proceeds will go to the charitable organisation - “Peace to Kharkiv”


In times of war, we feel our unity with the people of Ukraine, and our duty to support the unique culture and heritage of this country.

As such, we are so pleased to announce that the three-day Bouquet Kyiv Stage Festival will take place in Oxford between 27-30 September 2022 under the umbrella of the Ukrainian Culture Weeks!

Ukrainian Culture Weeks Cherwell College Oxford St John's Orchestra Oxford University Ukrainian Society Bouquet Dom Master Klass
children ukraine


We are so happy to welcome a group of students from Ukraine who are staying with us for a couple of weeks.

Dinner for Ukraine


Taking part in the Fundraising Dinner for Ukraine as organised by the Oxford University Ukrainian Society.

The Oxford Donation Drive for Ukraine


Initiated by the Oxford University Ukrainian Society, our young Cherwellians are taking part in the Oxford Donation Drive for Ukraine.

Student volunteers from Cherwell College have been helping with receiving and sorting donations before they can be transported to the refugee camps at the Ukrainian border with Poland.